Arcadia Perio – located in Arcadia, California – is dedicated to providing its patients with the most thorough, up-to-date treatments to address their periodontal or implant needs. That’s why Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson are proud to offer the PerioLase™ Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP™) to patients looking for a minimally invasive and painless solution to their periodontitis. By combining LANAP with regular maintenance visits, Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson help their patients keep their periodontal disease completely under control.

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When does Dr. Fuentes or Dr. Peterson use LANAP and what does it involve?

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure — or LANAP, for short — is a laser-based treatment that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson use LANAP to regenerate the tissues around the patient’s teeth that have deteriorated due to periodontal disease, which is a condition where the teeth’s supporting tissues become inflamed.

Periodontitis is a severe condition that should never be ignored; it’s prevalent in adults, but it could happen to anyone. It also leads to several other dental issues including bone loss, and it can even cause the gums to recede, leaving much of the tooth exposed. Without the gums to support the teeth and help hold them in place, they can eventually loosen to the point where they fall out. By using LANAP, Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson can strengthen the gums, allowing them to hold the teeth firmly in place.

What are the advantages of LANAP?

LANAP offers many advantages. Because of its ability to strengthen the gums and elicit a more complete healing, the procedure is known to:

  • halt gum recession
  • dramatically reduce bleeding
  • reduce swelling
  • decrease root sensitivity
  • lessen pain
  • provide the patient with a much shorter recovery time

Lasers also destroy bacteria and help fight infections that are often found in periodontal pockets. Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson can use the LANAP procedure for patients who use medications that prohibit them using procedures that cause excessive blood loss: The procedure reduces the risk of bleeding, allowing the patient to continue using the medications they need for other health conditions.

The LANAP procedure can reverse the damage of advanced periodontal disease, possibly saving the patient’s teeth. Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson can incorporate the procedure into the patient’s treatment plan that protects the teeth and also fosters good health throughout the rest of the body.

What additional treatment options do Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson offer for periodontitis?

For patients who are recovering from periodontitis, Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson offer additional treatment options to correct any visible damage the condition may have caused. Periodontal plastic surgery uses soft tissues collected from the palate to rebuild the gums that may have started receding. Once the tissue has been put in place, the body begins resorbing it, causing new tissues to form that will secure the teeth.

Regenerative therapy can also involve the use of guided tissue therapy, bone grafts, and the use of medications that accelerate the healing process. The techniques allow the body to start healing itself, providing it with much-needed resources to produce stronger tissues and bone. PDGF, or Platelet Derived Growth Factor, can also be included to support the healing process and reduce the patient’s recovery time.

Dr. Fuentes and Dr. Peterson can use these techniques and more to halt the spread of periodontitis and kick start the healing process, allowing his patient to restore and rejuvenate their smile.