“I came to Dr. Fuentes over 15 years ago-He performed gum surgery (all four quadrants) and i have seen him and/or Valerie, the hygienist every 12 weeks since that time.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Fuentes’ and Valerie’s professionalism and tender care. Fuentes is the “happy periodontist”–he obviously loves what he does, keeps up to date with the research in his field and is a wonderful communicator regarding my periodontal needs prognostic outlook, needed care, etc.

A number of years ago I developed a very painful abscess–it happened on New Years Day-I called him and he CAME DOWN TO THE OFFICE, and extracted the tooth—and this was either NEW YEARS DAY or the Sunday afterwards (I cant recall, other than it was a holiday weekend). Bless him.

Finally, as an individual with an INTENSE fear of dental pain and lifelong avoidance of dentists and their ilk (which is why my gums required surgery), I walk into his office every 12 weeks with NO anxiety, because I know he and Valerie will patient, considerate or my needs and do everything possible to ensure I have a pain-free visit. Thank you! Thank you!”


Dear Paul,

Lisa gave me a full report of your findings and her experience with you, She felt you were professional, thorough, and thinks you are a fantastic periodontist, with a staff and office decor to match. Her time with you and your staff was a greater experience than she had anticipated. We are glad that she does not need to be concerned about her recession and periodontal health.

Thank you, and your staff, for your care and consideration. Please extend our appreciation to your staff as well.

Michael, D.D.S.


Dear Dr. Fuentes and staff,

I have decided to consolidate my ongoing dental maintenance, so that I am receiving treatment from just one dentist, Dr. Sayegh. I am doing so because I no longer have periodontal issues and my insurance is not providing coverage for that maintenance. ln addition, I will be retiring in the coming months and am unsure at this point what dental insurance I will carry.

I want to thank all of you for the excellent care you’ve given me over these past several years, and while I hope I do not have need of a periodontist in the future, I will definitely contact you if I do.

Take Care


Good Morning Dr. Fuentes:

It’s me, Julie, tooth #7, surgery 8/25/2011.

I must take a few minutes of your time to express my thoughts regarding the discovery of your practice. I am relieved to know that I now have a doctor, and his staff, that will follow me for the rest of my days here on this earth.

As I mentioned earlier, since age eleven I’ve grown up in a dental office. I believe I am now an expert on practices, procedures, organizational skills, dedication and care giving of doctors and their staff. Because I dream of my teeth at least once a month (losing them, finding them on the floor, opening my mouth and having no teeth) and now approaching my very senior years, I have agonized over maintaining a healthy mouth. I try my best with cleaning every three months, dental floss, mouthwash and my ever popular Stim-u-dents. But after reading your pamphlet, and the further features that are available to me, I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders knowing I am no longer alone but have your practice in my life.

My first visit (consultation) | was met by Bertie….l had no idea what her function was then, but she reached out to me and made me feel like a part of your family. Before you came in the room Dr. Fuentes, l felt like l was in the right place. The other staff members I’ve met have been warm and friendly, but also extremely professional in their approach; l feel safe.

Having spent my professional career In H. R. and Labor Relations, I am very aware of my surroundings and feel truly blessed to receive treatment from you Dr. Fuentes.

See you soon for my post op.