What is a Periodontal Maintenance Procedure (PMP)?

In our office, a Periodontal Maintenance Procedure (PMP) is not just a “cleaning”. PMP is performed by our Periodontal Hygienist and is necessary to maintain your periodontal disease in an inactive state. These visits are often alternated with your general dentist office. It is critical to long term treatment success that these visits occur at regular intervals recommended by Dr. Fuentes/Peterson, generally every 10-12 weeks.

Below is a list of services that may be provided during this appointment:

  • Update health history
  • Restorative exam 
  • Blood pressure check, if necessary
  • Periodontal scaling and spot root planing 
  • Dental history changes 
  • Polishing of the teeth 
  • Home care update 
  • Flossing 
  • Head and Neck exam
  • Vertical bitewings, if necessary 
  • Periodontal exam, probing and charting of significant changes

Periodic Oral Evaluation

This exam, done every 12-24 months, allows the Doctors the opportunity to completely evaluate your dental health. The exam includes an Oral Cancer Screening, TMJ Evaluation, Periodontal Evaluation (gum & bone) consisting of measuring pocket depths, alveolar bone level, gingival recession, gingival inflammation (points of bleeding), tooth mobility and an occlusal (bite) evaluation. Moreover, existing restorations are evaluated (they are subject to wear) as well as decay detection. A complete series of dental digital x rays (every 2-3 years) may be required. This service is provided to our patients in order to maintain optimal dental health at the highest standard of care available.